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Ancre 1


Bracelet, Hiver
Bague, Instinct animal
Bague, 1
Bague, Le printemps
Bague, Barcelone
Bague, L'incendie
Broche, Sans titre 3
Bague, Istanbul
Bague, Sans titre 2
Bague, Les galets
Bague, Sienne
Broche, Tête 6
Broche, Tête 5
Broche, Sans titre 2
Broche, Sans titre 1
Broche, Sans titre 4
Broche, Sans titre 5
Bague, Iceberg
Broche, Tête 7
Broche, Migrations
Bague, La nuit
Bague, Sans titre 5
Bague, Série A2
Bague, Sans titre 4
Sans titre 8
Ancre 2

Small collections

La fratrie Collection

Broche, Tête 1
Broche, Tête 2
Broche, Tête 3

Petits tableaux abstraits Collection

Broche, Petit tableau abstrait 1
Broche, Petit tableau abstrait 2
Broche, Petit tableau abstrait 3

Fleurs et bourgeons Collection

Ancre 3


My formal approach deconstruct the volumes and surfaces of existing objects, taking them out of their context so as to create new objects by abstracting to a greater or lesser extend those elements that represent figuration. My art is based on drawing, which incorporates new volumes and new lines into the composition. The graphic element is omnipresent throughout my work. The aim is to reveal the essence of an object through its volume, its shape, its lines, its colour and finish.

The addition of resin to the metal allows me to add colour to my jewellery. The light material also enables me to make larger jewellery that is not too heavy. Although my pieces are quite large, I am concern with their wearability. It is important to me that my creations should be both comfortable and sturdy in their appearance and their confection. 

Ancre 4


Dessin de bijoux. Chenelière Éducation, 2006. 

The method proposed in this book brings together various drawing processes adapted to jewellery. It's applied to the technical drawing of instruments, sketches, the nuanced rendering of shadows and lights and the illustration of stones. The illustration of each model is explained in stages and in detail. Everyone will be able to choose the technique according to the destination of the drawing, either to design a model directly on paper, prepare a piece of jewellery for manufacture, archive his ideas, share them with colleagues or propose them to a customer.

Procurez-vous ce livre en ligne
Procurez-vous ce livre en ligne
Procurez-vous ce livre en ligne

Jewelery Illustration. Brynmorgen Press, 2010. 
English translation of Dessin de bijoux

Procurez-vous ce livre en ligne
Procurez-vous ce livre en ligne
Procurez-vous ce livre en ligne

Draw Better. Brynmorgen Press, 2013. 

This book is abundantly illustrated. We learn to draw different volumes, spheres, cubes cylinders... cut them in various ways to represent multiple simple objects. The illustration of each model is explained in stages and in detail. Intended to improve your drawing skills, whether you are amateur or professional.

Procurez-vous ce livre en ligne
Ancre 5

Exhibitions & shows

To buy / Informations

Ancre 6

Great White North Exhibition, 2016.18 karat Gallery, Toronto.

November 01 - December 23, 2016

Great White North Exhibition, 2016. Musée des maîtres et artisans, Montréal.

September 10 - October 15, 2016

1987. Exhibition of the staff members of the École de joaillerie de Québec. Québec.

March 19 - April 30, 2015

Magister. Consolidation of works from the teacher’s of the program of the CFCMA. Exhibition Center of the Gabrielle-Roy library in Quebec City.

March 3 to 26, 2000

Impact 88. Exposition collective en Métiers d’Art. Maison Girardin, Beauport.

October 4 to 21, 1988

Grand Prix des Métiers d’Art du Québec. Montreal's House of Culture, Exhibition Center of the Gabrielle-Roy library, Quebec City, Gatineau Exhibition Center.

June to Obtober 1986

Prix Alcan Design Métiers d’Art. Prix Alcan Design-Métiers d’Art (Alcan Prize for Art Trade Design), Salon des Artisans de Québec (Quebec Artisan exhibit). Trade show in Nancy, France. Albany public library, Albany, NY. 

De décembre 1985 à août 1986

World Fashion Exhibit in Montreal. Montréal.


Quebec Artisans Trade Show, Québec.

August 1983, 1985

Montreal Art Trade Exhibition, Montréal.

December 1983, 1984, 1985

Plein-Art Quebec Trade Show, Québec.

December 1983, 1984, 1985

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